Nicotine gums

For the recent time nicotine gums become very popular and effective means among people, who try to quit smoking. It is not a usual chewing gum. It looks more like a rubber, releasing nicotine into human body through the membrane of oral cavity. The research proved, that people, who try to stop smoking by chewing such gums – receive twice as good results, as those, who try to get out of a habit of smoking without them. Put the gum into your mouth and start biting it slightly until you feel a strange smack. Then keep the gum between your cheek and gingiva. Repeat the procedure each several minutes. The piece of gum should work about 30 minutes. Fast chewing and swallowing the spit don’t activate nicotine and may cause sickness.

Chew the gum, when you feel like smoking or in situations, when you are sure you will have such a desire soon. First you may need from 10 to 12 pieces a day. Gradually, from week to week decrease the number of pieces.

Nicotine releases from the chewing gum into blood more slowly, so the amount of used nicotine is rather difficult to control. Therefore you must follow the instructions, which you may receive from your doctor.

Some people think that a nicotine gum is harmless. In truth if you use it out of control, the dose of nicotine released into the body may appear far as much, as you receive by smoking. Nicotine gums help to get out of a habit of smoking (to take a cigarette in your hand) only, but the consumption of nicotine remains the same. The course of treatment may lasts from several weeks to several months. The price of nicotine gums is different and depends on the manufacturer and the quantity of pieces in a pack. The pack of such gums can cost from 7 to 100 dollars.

Producers of nicotine gums are the same, as of nicotine patches:

“Nicorette” – a pack of 30 gums, containing 2 mg of nicotine each, costs 7 dollars.

“Nicotrol” – web stores offer packs containing 5 boxes, 105 pieces in each box, at the price of 105 dollars.

“Nikotinell” – a pack contains 6 boxes of 96 pieces in each box, the price is 110 dollars at a web store.

“Habitrol” – a pack of 6 boxes, each contains 96 gums, costs 130 dollars at a web store.

“Nicotine Gum” – web stores offer a pack of 180 gums, which costs 65 dollars.

“Niquitin” – a pack of gums is sold at the price of 15 dollars.

Nicotine sprays (inhalers)

A nicotine spray is not a widespread remedy among those, who fight against nicotine dependence today. Depending on the manufacturer, there are sprays for nose and sprays for oral cavity. The nose sprays are used the most often. The nicotine spray should be sprayed into both the nostrils, where it gets absorbed by nose membranes and gets into veins and then – into the heart and brain. Such system of nicotine delivery is a bit faster, than by using patches and gums; however, it is not so fast, as a cigarette. Dosage is 1 mg into each nostril. People usually begin from 1-2 doses an hour, minimal usage is 8 doses a day, maximal – 40 doses a day.

For the majority of people the course of treatment must be reduced to 6-8 weeks. Side effects are short-term nose irritation, sneezing, lacrimation, nasal discharge. Usually these effects cancel in 5-7 days.

Inhaler “Nicorette” costs 9 dollars.

“Gaia Herbs” can be purchased in web stores at the price of 32 dollars.

“Smoke Deter” is a homeopathic spray against nicotine dependence. The price is 70 dollars ata web store.

The absorbed solution for inhalations “Niquitin” can be bought for 15 dollars.

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