What is Ogogoro

What is Ogogoro

Ogogoro is a strong alcoholic beverage produced in West Africa and produced mainly by home method. The most widespread ogogoro received in Nigeria and Ghana, where is one of the most popular drinks. In these countries, it is cooked in almost every home.

The technology of preparation and composition of ogogoro

Ogogoro is distilled from the juice of raffia palm trees. At first collect fruit of a tree and maintain them within two days. Then make an incision in the middle and produce juice, which is boiled in a deep bowl until steam.

The active ingredient of ogogoro is ethanol produced by raffia fruits under the influence of high temperatures. Depending on the duration of boiling and ripeness of the fruit alcohol content in the drink may vary from 30 to 60%. In the production of the drink at home, it is diluted with rain water to reduce the degree.

Social significance and tradition of the use of ogogoro

Ogogoro has a high social and cultural significance in the territory of Nigeria, both as a manufactured goods exported and as a drink widely consumed by Nigerians.

The consumption of ogogoro is inextricably linked to many religious and social ceremonies. The priests poured a drink the earth, which symbolizes the appeal to the gods, while fathers of Nigerian brides, be sure to drink ogogoro to sign the consent for the wedding.

Economic aspects related to ogogoro, have become widely manifested only recently. For many poor families, producing and selling ogogoro is the only acceptable way to live. Often the drink is sold directly on the street in different volume containers.

The dangers of drinking, ogogoro

As with all drinks containing ethanol, ogogoro is harmful to health in uncontrolled and excessive use. In addition, the drink is often prepared and those Nigerians who do not understand the correct technology of cooking. The result is a "scorched" drink, from which hundreds of people die every year.

Other strong alcoholic beverages

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