What is Ouzo

Что такое Ouzo

Ouzo - Greek strong alcoholic drink, distillate of grape alcohol, water, anise and other aromatic substances, usually cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The strength of the drink from 40 to 50% vol.

There are three versions of the origin of the name Ouzo. According to the first, the name comes from the phrase "uso di Massaglia ", i.e. "for use in Marseille", with which Greece had a trade relationship. The second version says that the name of the drink comes from the Greek word "Ouzo", which translates as "anise", and the third that the word comes from the Turkish uzum, which means "grape bunch" or "grape tincture".

The exact time when the history of Ouzo began in Greece is unknown. It is no secret that some suspiciously similar to ouzo drink was drank by the ancient Greeks, but in a form in which Greek brandy is sold today, it was learned around the time of the Byzantine Empire. Although some scientists insist that ouzo appeared after the independence of Greece, that is, in the 19th century. It is known only that in 1932 for the first time copper distillation cubes were used for production – and this technology is still the standard. And in 1989 vodka Ouzo Greece recognized the national drink: the name was registered as Greek, and now Ouzo can be made only in this country.
In Greece, respectful of national traditions and culture. No wonder that this is where The ouzo festival takes place. The festival (Ouzo Festival) includes various musical performances with famous Greek artists and singers and takes place on the first day of summer in the city of Mytilene. Numerous manufacturers of Ouzo-the famous Greek anise vodka-present their products free of charge.

For the production Of ouzo grape raw materials (usually the skin of grapes) mixed with plants and heated in special copper boilers and left to roam for a few months, sometimes used a double fermentation system. By the way, it is legally established that the share of grape raw materials after distillation should be at least 20%. The whole process of making Ouzo is carried out under the control of experts, in particular, they make sure that the fortress of the resulting beverage does not exceed 50%.

Generally Ouzo is an extremely specific beverage. Many residents of the post-Soviet space after the first tasting often compare it to the taste of a familiar childhood cough medicine. Ouzo looks outwardly like water (it is the same colorless), as a rule, is served with a snack (meze), confectionery, octopus, salads, fruits, etc.Due to the fact that Ouzo is a very strong drink, many Greeks are used to dilute it with water. When you add water or ice to the glass, Ouzo acquires a muddy color, becomes cooler and decreases its bitterness.

Ouzo harm: Ouzo produced on an industrial scale and artisanal Ouzo Should be distinguished. In the second case, the formulation and purification technology of the drink leave much to be desired. So this Ouzo is better to abstain. Fusel oils and aldehydes contained in it are very dangerous for the body.

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