What is Peisachovka

What is Peisachovka

Peisachovka – Jewish strong alcoholic drink, distillery from fermented raisins double or triple distillation. The name of the drink comes from the feast of Passover (Easter). The strength of the drink is about 40% vol.

During the celebration of Easter kosher Jews do not drink ordinary vodka: it is made of grain. The fact that any leavened bread on Passover is of clubs, ie, is prohibited. You can't eat bread, the bread cannot be stored in the house of bread, money had to be at all, nor tithe. Cognac can be consumed, if only it is made under the supervision of a competent Rabbi. In this regard, and was invented a special "Easter vodka" – Peisachovka.

Production Peisachovka: Raisins are placed in water and allowed to ferment. When the Mead is ready, it undergoes double or triple distillation, the fortress should be 40% on average. Kosher vodka is usually aged in a special barrel or in a conventional glassware.

Recommended to drink tiny glasses; hold the drink in your mouth, "ride" in language and the sky, eat matzah, and kosher mincemeat. Kosher vodka can be found in Israel, much less in Ukraine; you can also try it on Brighton beach.

Harm Peisachovka: Jews drink peisahovich small stacks, purely symbolic. But if you abuse the drink, the consequences will not keep you waiting. Hangover is just the tip of the iceberg. Alcohol abuse is causing harm to the whole body, in General, and to each body separately.

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