What is Poitin (Potcheen)

What is Poitin (Potcheen)

Poitin (IRL. Poitin, English. Рoteen, Potcheen) — Irish national distilled alcoholic beverage produced by the stage in the cube mash, prepared from barley, potatoes, molasses, beets and other ingredients. In fact, it is a very strong Irish moonshine or homemade whiskey, which until recently was illegal and made by the Irish underground. The strength of the drink varies from 40 to 90 %. Poitin is considered one of the strongest drinks in the world.

The name of the drink "Poitin "comes from the" Gaelic "word" Pota", which was called small copper distillation cubes.

As mentioned above, this brew Poitin. Since the production of moonshine was banned, Poitin drove in remote areas and inclement weather, the wind dispersed the smoke, which could attract the attention of the guards. With the advent of gas burners Poitin became possible to produce in any weather. Mash for Poitin made from barley. Potatoes, molasses, maize and other ingredients could be used to reduce the cost. Distilled in mash copper moonshine.

Between 1661 and 1989, the production and sale of Poitin in Ireland was banned, and the ban remains in Northern Ireland. Since 1989, Poitin began to produce legally in Ireland, but only for export. Since 1997, Poitin sales have been allowed in the Republic of Ireland. Now there are several legally produced Poitin brands called "poitin", "poteen" or "potcheen". In 2008, Poitin received the status of a drink controlled by geographical origin.

Today Poitin made in factory conditions has very high quality and is delivered to many countries of the world. among the manufacturers of Poitin it is possible to select the company Teeling and Cooley. Moonshine at these companies is made in factory conditions with observance of specifications of production from a high-quality grain mix.

Poitin is consumed in different ways: pure, with water, with various additives, in a cocktail. Because of its strength drink is recommended for cautious and moderate consumption.

Poitin undoubtedly harm the health. This is especially true of Poitin made in the home. The negative effect of Poitin on the human body is determined not only by the originally high fortress. Harmful effects directly related to this beverage are mainly determined by other non-chemically safe substances.We are talking about aldehydes and fusel oils.

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