What is Raki

What is Raki

Raki - strong Turkish alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation of grape wine infused with anise or anise root. In house conditions Raki can be made from other raw materials, first of all, various fruits — figs, dates. The strength of the drink 40-45% vol., but the case and 50-70% about. Undiluted Raki has a sharp burning taste and strong anise flavor, diluted — a pleasant sweet taste and mild anise flavor.

History Raki: Prototype Raki served as a strong drink, common in the Arab countries of the Middle East — Arak, which is a distillate of various fruits. The word "Raki", in any case, comes from the word"Arak". In Turkey from the late 18th until the early 19th century, candles were spread in the local taverns-Mahaneh (May-han-na), which is driven by non-Muslims — Greeks or Albanians. Raw materials for production were grape pomace obtained after the main production of wine. It was at this time, during the Tanzimat period, when the anti-alcohol regulations of religion began to weaken, the Muslim population began to visit more often places of bottling Raki. Approximately at this time, Raki and way of use have found the characteristic features. National popularity came to Raki in the days of the Turkish Republic. Raki's large-scale commercial production began in the 1930s.

Manufacturing process: to activate the fermentation process, yeast is added to the wort. After distillation of the resulting Braga turns weak, or fruit wine, also called Suma (suma) Wine is infused with anise. The resulting product is distilled in copper stills. Repeated distillation can also be added anise. For the manufacture of Raki is only gebek, the main fraction of alcohol, which is diluted to the desired fortress clean water. Before bottling Raki aged in oak barrels for at least one month.

Raki is drunk diluted in a ratio of three to four fractions of water per share Raki, usually from a thin glass. The resulting mixture becomes like milk (the so-called effect of anise liquor occurs when the anise oil dissolved in alcohol forms an opaque emulsion with water) Ice is added to the resulting mixture, if desired. The fact that if Raki pour into a glass of ice, it can start to crystallize and lose its taste. Raki can be drunk neat, but then it is recommended to cool.

Harm Raki: Raki - this is primarily alcohol. It does not matter in what form to drink it, diluted or not, alcohol will still get into the body. In the stomach, there will be a chemical reaction that turns alcohol into aldehyde, which will cause maximum harm to the body. Special attention should be paid to the Aryk made at home. Due to the lack of an industrial beverage purification system, it will initially contain aldehydes and fusel oils. And this infernal mixture, once in the body, poisons it, dealing maximum damage.

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