What is Rakija

What is Rakija

Rakija-strong alcoholic drink (from 40 to 75%), obtained by distillation of grape wine or fruit juices apricot, plum, Fig, quince, peach, pear, Apple, cherry, etc.), widely popular in the Balkans. Rakia can be regarded as a traditional national drink of South Slavic peoples and Romanians: it is popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova and Crete.

Depending on your berries and fruits to name Rakija adds these words: "grozdova" (grape), "Kaisieva" (apricot), "jabukovac" (Apple) , "prune" (plum), "viljamovka" (pear), etc.

The best quality Rakija, long-term exposure and double distillation, is called "prepecenica" fortress "of prepecenica" sometimes up to 75 %. As a rule, in the manufacture of rakija added all sorts of herbs, honey. Usually, at home, rakia is cooked in October - November after harvest and provided for it for the whole winter. Properly be called just brandy "fruit brandy". From vodka, this drink is characterized primarily by aging. Moreover, exposure is not a finished drink, and distillation products that are stored in oak barrels. The minimum aging period of the Bulgarian Rakija, for example, 6 months.

Particularly stands out grape Rakija. It is much easier to drink usual vodka. Grape rakia is made from a special black sea grape variety – Vranac, thanks to it it has a unique aroma and a wonderful aftertaste. Kruna - is the highest grape variety Rakija, which has a pleasant aroma, pure and harmonious taste. Good Rakija should flow slowly like honey, not pour out at once, should not smell soot and smoke.

Rakija is usually amenable to the table chilled. Traditionally, this drink is usually served with a glass of cold water. In Bulgaria, it is customary to drink rakia in the winter with hot orange crusts. Especially for this, the Bulgarians make the vessels of brass with long handles, into which the brandy is heated over an open fire.

The greatest harm to the body can be caused by improperly cooked Rakija. The composition of the drink fall harmful fusel oils, this is primarily due to the production process. If you do not produce the right points Rakija, they will all be in your body and cause irreparable damage.

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