What is rum

What is rum

Rum (eng. rum) - a strong alcoholic beverage produced by fermentation and distillation of by-products of sugar cane production, such as molasses and cane syrup and subsequent aging in oak or other barrels. The quality and variety of the final product depends on the variety of cane varieties and the type of raw materials used. Usual for rum alcohol content - from 40 to 55%; however, produced both less and stronger varieties (up to 75 %). Rum has a burning taste and a peculiar well-expressed aroma.

Rum is used in pure form or with ice, is used for preparation of cocktails and for cookery. Rum is also used in cosmetology.

There are many varieties of rum. The division of Roma into meaningful groups is complicated by the fact that, in fact, there is no single standard for Roma. Instead, rum is determined by the different rules and laws of the countries producing this alcoholic beverage. Among the differences in definitions: the strength of the drink, the minimum exposure and even standards for names.

Depending on the place of origin can be identified:
Cuban and Puerto Rican rum (traditionally light-bodied rum with a mild flavor)
- Jamaican rum (dark rum with a more pronounced flavor, due to the use of a large amount of molasses)
- Martinican and Guadeloupe rum (rum made exclusively from cane juice)

The following terms are also used to denote the types of Roma:
- Light rum, also silver or white rum. In General, bright rum has a very mild taste, in addition to the inherent sweetness of rum, and is accordingly used as a basis for cocktails. Light rum is sometimes filtered after aging to remove any color.
- Gold rum, also amber rum-aged rum of medium density. The taste of this rum may come from additives: spices and caramel, but historically gains its darker color, aging in wooden barrels (usually oak).
Dark rum, black rum, is darker than gold rum. It is usually aged longer in charred barrels. Dark rum have a much stronger flavor than light and gold rum; the palate you can feel hints of spices with strong notes of molasses or caramel. In addition to use in cocktails, dark rum is most often used in cooking.
- Flavored rum: some manufacturers began selling rum with fruit flavors such as mango, orange, lemon, coconut. This rum is often mixed with tropical drinks of the same taste, the fortress of which is less than 40 %.
- Strong rum-this rum is much stronger than the standard 40%. Many of these Roma have a fortress of more than 75%.
- Aged rum. Any rum is aged for a certain time, and in the names of many rum brands there is the word "Anejo" . However, aged rum is still usually called rum, aged more than 5 years, which is accepted to use as well as whiskey.
Rum elixir — this rum is weaker than the standard 40% — usually more than 30 %. It has a much sweeter and richer flavor. It is used in pure form and is not used in cocktails.

For the first time the manufacture of rum by fermentation began in the XVII century on the sugarcane plantations in the Caribbean. After the development of the production of rum in the Caribbean drink popularity spread to colonial America. To cover the demand for the drink, the first rum distillery in the colonies was opened in 1664 on the territory of modern Staten island. Estimates of rum consumption in the American colonies before the American war of independence, for every man, woman and child had 13.5 liters of rum per year.

Today, the main producing countries of the Roma are the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico), the Lesser Antilles (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad, Barbados), the Dominican Republic, South America (Guiana, Brazil and Venezuela), as well as the United States, Mexico, the Philippines, Madagascar and reunion, and the most exquisite are the Rums of the French overseas departments, for example, Martinique.

Among the major brands of rum are: Havana Club, Ron Varadero (Cuba), between ocumare (Venezuela), de Kuyper, the "Malecon", "Santiago de Cuba", "Bacardi" (Puerto Rico), "Captain Morgan" (Jamaica, bottled in the UK), "Appleton Estate", between ocumare (Venezuela), "Ron Barcelo" and "Brugal" (Dominican Republic), "Stroh", "Mount Gay", "Bristol Classic Rum", "Bundaberg", "Flor De Cana", "Myers", "Malibu Rum", "Old Barbados", "Pott", "Ron Rico", "de Kuyper", "Pusser's", "Murhy's", "Matusalem".

There is no doubt that the use of the Roma (especially its strongest varieties) causes irreparable damage to the human body. After all, it includes ethyl alcohol is a poison not a cure, as some individuals, drinking for health!!!

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