What is the Schnapps

What is the Schnapps

Schnapps is a strong alcoholic beverage that is obtained by distillation (discrazii) mash of grains or fruits without using any additives. The raw material for the mash can be apples, pears, plums, quinces, apricots and all berries. The produce and schnapps based on herbs. Essentially schnapps is a fruity brew. Mandatory conditions for its preparation - only double distillation and the absence of artificial additives.

The taste and consistency of schnapps close to vodka and moonshine, but may contain a light fruity taste or flavor, depending on the raw material.

Usually schnapps are kept (if at all) in glass bottles, in barrels much more seldom.

Schnapps made in Germany since the beginning of the XVI century, and is very popular and common in his homeland, so often called Schnapps German national drink. At first, it was used as a medicine for all diseases. In the middle ages, he was even credited with rejuvenating properties. But soon the population began to appreciate it as a drink for pleasure and heady means. Fortress his ambiguous, in some sources write about 20-30 degrees, in other-about 38-40. The main types of schnapps more than thirty, and varieties can not be counted: each manufacturer has a unique formulation and production conditions, so they say that two absolutely identical schnapps no. Classic German schnapps-cherry on the label which is written Kirschwasser, literally "cherry water".

In North America, also sold the so-called"American schnapps". This variety, the content of sugar and alcohol (not above 25%), schnapps is not — it rather refers to liquors, one of the ingredients of which may be schnapps itself.

Strict rules on the use of this drink does not exist. It is drunk both during meals and as an aperitif. Typically schnapps is served in small rounded glasses, a traditional brandy shape. Poured small portions, approximately 20 grams. In glasses place a miniature pear or apricot half (depending on the variety of schnapps). Also attached to the glass fork, which is necessary to catch this fruit, smell, appreciate the aroma, then drink the contents of the glass, and then eat this very fruit.
Also schnapps very often is a part of various cocktails.

Since schnapps is inherently fruit and berry moonshine, and is made not only in the factory, but also anyone getting, do not forget that with poor cleaning it contains fusel oils and aldehydes. These components cause much more harm than the alcohol itself.

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