What is Shochu

What is Shochu

Shochu - Japanese strong alcoholic drink obtained by distillation from specially prepared raw materials. Shochu translates as burnt wine. Unlike sake (Japanese rice wine), Shochu is very little known to Russian consumers, but, nevertheless, this drink is as an integral part of Japan as rice wine. Shochu can be of two types: "korui" and "ocurri"; the first fortress should be no more than 36%., the second 45% vol.

Shochu sake much younger, but its history goes back at least five or six centuries. The first annalistic mention of Shochu dates back to the XVI century. It is believed that the tradition of its preparation and consumption came to Japan from China, and for the first time appeared on the island of Okinawa, from there, over time, spread throughout the country.

The process of production of Japanese Shochu vodka in the initial stage does not differ from the traditional method of Sake production. The peeled rice is steamed, then after adding the malt "koji" (koji kin - rod mold) is obtained rice malt, and then using water and special leaven Shochu make alcoholic yeast. Already obtained alcohol yeast is added water and flavoring ingredient (sweet Yam - IMO, rice, wheat, buckwheat, sugar cane, etc.). Further, after the process of double fermentation produced crude Braga "moromi" with an alcohol content of about 17-18%, with the taste and name of the main ingredient (trampoline, rice, wheat, etc.).

The following stages of preparation for the Shochu – distillation. At this stage, the main difference between the two types of Shochu. Korui Shochu (often shortened to koshu) is produced by multiple distillation of the primary raw material in the apparatus continuous or pot stills, like vodka or grain whiskey, so after repeated distillation it is quite light and neutral drink. In acurui Shochu distillation is carried out once in distillation apparatus of the type "pot still", similar to a malt or cognac. The drink is rich and very fragrant. The main difference between the two types of Shochu is not in the alcohol content, but in the method of distillation.

Shochu is the cheapest in Japan is a kind of strong alcohol. About a quarter of the total volume produced by Shochu is bottled in bags or four-liter plastic bottles. In modern Japan, there are more than 3,000 varieties of Shochu and about 600 distilleries specialize only in the production of Shochu. The main producers – "Takara", "Asahi", "Suntory", "Mersin", "Sanva Surf", "Hakutsuru".

Ways to use a great many, depending on the time of year and personal preference: pure, with boiling water, with ice, with water, with beer. It is believed that a good Shochu almost no hangover, as in the drink a few impurities. However, this does not mean that it can be consumed without restrictions, like any alcohol in large quantities, Shochu has a detrimental effect on the internal organs.

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