Smoking a pipe is dangerous

Smoking a pipe is dangerous

A smoking pipe is a simple device specially created for smoking cut tobacco. There are many kinds of pipes: bent pipes, billard pipes, provence classic, bent army, prince pipes, lovat pipes, stand-up-poker pipes, panel prince pipes, bulldog pipes, churchwarden pipes and many others.

Smoking a pipe is one of the first ways of using tobacco. The archaeologists believe that tobacco pipes originate from Central America, where they were used in religious ceremonies. In Europe they appeared after Christopher Columbus had discovered America in 1492. In Europe the pipe smoking became very popular and was widely spread up to beginning of the 19th century, when it was replaced by usual cigarettes and mouthpiece cigarettes.

For the last three centuries the attitude towards a tobacco pipe was deeply changed. From a simple and cheap device for smoking it turned into an important part of a person’s image. Nowadays smoking a pipe becomes in fashion. The people, who smoke tobacco pipes, consider themselves elite. It is because smoking a pipe is quite an expensive treat, and not everyone can allow himself such a thing.

Some people think that smoking a tobacco pipe is far more harmless, than smoking a cigarette. They assert that smoke from the pipe doesn’t get into lungs; moreover the tobacco for the pipe is of higher quality, than the cigarette’s tobacco.

Let us see how to smoke “the pipe of peace” and what kind of harm it does.

When you smoke a smoking pipe, the puff lasts from 3 to 5 seconds. Together with that you inhale through your nose, which helps to feel the taste and the aroma of tobacco. You should smoke slowly, on the edge of going out, and don’t let the pipe overheated. This manner of smoking is called a cold smoking. Nicotine and a great part of periodic table of Mendeleev get absorbed directly through mucous membranes of mouth cavity and larynx. What kind of harm does it?

The last research taken by American scientists from National Institute of Oncology discovered, that consequences of smoking a pipe have a lot of common with the consequences of smoking another “simple” kinds of tobacco goods. Like the smokers of cigarettes, the pipe smokers often suffer from malignant neoplasms (cancer of esophagus, larynx and lungs), as well as from diseases of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. These data were received after examining 138 thousand smokers, and 15265 recipients among them were the smokers of a pipe.

The research of interrelation between pipe smoking and malignant neoplasms in the upper part of digestive system has shown, that risk of cancer increases by 8,7 times for the smokers of pipe, if comparing to non-smokers. The risk to get a cancer of mouth cavity and larynx gets increased by 12,6 times, a cancer of esophagus – by 7,2 times. If the pipe admirers also drink a lot, this risk is increasing by 38,8 times.

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