What is soju

What is soju

Soju is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage made by distillation. Sometimes soju is called Korean vodka. The volume fraction of alcohol beverage can be from 16% to 45% (the most popular option 20%). Today, the leadership of South Korea is heading to lower the fortress of soju.Soju is made mainly of rice, wheat, potatoes and tapioca. It is a clear liquid with a characteristic smell of alcohol, sweet taste.

Soju is Korea's most famous alcoholic beverage. As in its Northern part, and in the southern part of this vodka is elevated to the rank of a national drink. There are even museums dedicated to this drink. And as it was not ironic, but one of the brands of soju - South Korea's Jinro, is the leader among alcohol brands in the world in terms of sales, ahead even of whiskey.

The production of soju is not particularly difficult in terms of technology. Now soju is prepared without using yeast factory, and make a special fermented grain. The production cycle of soju includes several stages: at the first stage the raw material is ground and pressed, at the second stage the Braga is prepared — the ground and pressed raw materials are stored in special vessels where gradually accumulates ethyl alcohol, the third stage is directly distillation of Braga in the finished product. After receiving the product, it is still 100 days infused in the cellar, and only then it is bottled.

Soju is filtered through charcoal made from bamboo of a certain (for optimum process) grade and age. Various flavors and aromas give the taste lemon, melon, watermelon shades.

For the first time soju appeared around 1300 during the Mongol invasions. Mongols brought with them the technology of distillation, which in turn was adopted from the Persians during the campaigns in Central Asia. From 1965 to 1991, as a measure to reduce the consumption of rice, the South Korean government banned the traditional method of distillation of soju from pure grain. Soju began to do by breeding ethyl alcohol and adding flavors. Some of the soju stamps currently produced are made in this way. The South Korean state regulates the percentage of soju produced by dilution at the level of not more than 35% of the total. The rest of soju is made according to the old recipe. Accordingly, the price of the drink varies from 2 to 50$ per bottle.

Koreans are very fond of eating and drinking. Statistically, the Koreans drink more than 3 billion bottles of soju during the year. It goes to every Korean, including the ladies of the old and the little ones-a bottle a week. Soja is drunk in its pure form, and diluted in cocktails. Especially popular cocktail packandgo — it is a pile of soju, lowered to the bottom of the beer mugs.

Undoubtedly, the use of soju harms the human body as well as other alcoholic beverages. Specificity of impact on the body, it basically does not have, as the composition and production process is traditional for distillates, so the recommendations are also common.

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