What is Starka

What is Starka

Starka (Poland). starka) - a strong Polish alcoholic drink made by aging rye alcohol in old oak barrels of wine with the addition of pear and Apple leaves, Linden flowers. The taste of this strong alcoholic drink bitter, burning, but not vodka, the smell — cognac, with a small admixture of Apple leaves. The color of the drink is light brown with a Golden hue. The strength of the drink 40-50% vol.

Starka history: the First mention of it was in the XV century. Starka was produced artisanal mainly in landlords in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. It gained particular popularity in the XIX century, when the production of Starka began to use cheap alcohol obtained from potatoes. Currently, the company Polmos Is the only company in Poland, which produces Starka Polish Starka is made by old technology and is obtained by long — term — from 10 to 50 years-aging unrectified rye spirits in oak barrels from under the port with the addition of Apple and pear leaves. In the USSR, as well as in Russia and Lithuania widespread bitter tincture "Starka", composed of: rectified alcohol, water, cognac, port and, most importantly — infusion "Starka" on the leaves of Apple and pear. This tincture is an imitation of the original Polish Starka.

For the manufacture of this Polish Starka is taken rye alcohol double distillation. Alcohol is aged in barrels with the addition of pear, Apple leaves and Linden flowers. The barrels of the beverage will go out the old, in which at least one is aged wine. The longer the alcohol is kept in the barrel, the more valuable the drink. Traditionally stark kept for a period of from 10 to 50 years.

Use stark in its pure form, refrigerated, and used for making cocktails.

Harm Starka: Starka is primarily an alcoholic beverage, and the principle of the impact of alcohol on the human body or what is not fundamentally different, how would you drink not call and what he was not prepared. Alcohol affects the body as a whole. Know the measure, if you still decided to drink stark. Otherwise, the consequences could be too dire.

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