Symptoms of drug use by appearance

Symptoms of drug use by appearance


Sleeplessness, red watery eyes, blank stare; no appetite or it is increased that causes changes in weight; changed coordination of movements – hyperactivity or sluggishness, staggering; cold sweaty hands, tallow, pale or red face; rhinitis, stuffy nose, cough without cold; sickness, vomit; excessive sweating; trembling and tingling in hands and legs; nervousness; specific smell from the clothes; increased need in smoking; intention to stay alone; the need for money; absent-mindedness and forgetfulness; loss of interest to work, studies and family; dishonesty.


Feeling tranquility and euphoria; heart acceleration and high blood pressure; pupil dilatation; hyperactivity, excessive sexual emancipation; talkativeness, unproductive and monotonous activity; absence of hunger; disturbance of sleep-wake routine.


Euphoria; constant sleepiness; slow lengthy speech; good-natured courteous behavior, subjection; intention to stay alone in the dark room; pale skin; very small pupil, fixed to light; low appetite, reflexes, sexual attraction, thirst; bradypnoe and slow heartbeat; sweating; cough; scratching.


Red eyes, glassy stare; strong hunger and thirst; increased light sensitiveness because of wide pupil dilatation; light-heartedness, lack of restraint, talkativeness; increased perception of sounds and colors; the big dose leads to lack of coordination of movements; slow response, sluggishness; confused talk; aggression or unextinguishable laughter; hallucinations; groundless fears and panic; gain or loss in weight.


It causes short-term but intensive euphoria and increasing efficiency; mental impairment; panic attacks; stimulates central nervous system; the pulse and breathe become more rapid; excessive sweating; pupils are broadened; absence of appetite; hyperactivity; excitement, anxiety; sleeplessness; intensive itching; hallucinations; signs of paranoia.


Rapid pulse, high blood pressure, pupil dilatation, shaking hands, dry skin. Narcotic intoxication is accompanied by hallucinations; changes in the outside world perception – the addict can “see sounds and hear colors”, strong feeling of happiness, overexcitation; disturbance of body feeling, disturbance of coordination of movements; loss of self-control.


Confusion, scrambled speech, awkwardness, coordination disturbance, disorientation similar to alcoholic inebriation; aggression, rudeness, irritability, depression.


Hallucinations, inadequate and aggressive behavior; watery eyes, euphoria, irritability, anxiety; impaired vision, headaches, sickness, changes in appetite, sleepiness.

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