What is Tenamfetamine (MDA)

What is Tenamfetamine (MDA)

Tenamfetamine (MDA) 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine - substance amphetamine-type psychedelic group feniletilamina. It belongs to the class of empathogens and entactogens. Chemical formula (C10H13N1O2).

Slang names: MDA, mda, tenamfetamine, mellou tablets, Love Drug, love pills.

Consequences of MDMA use:

Mechanism of action the vast majority of psychedelics poorly understood. In General terms, it is believed that the mda acts on the serotonin system (5HT) by entering the neuron through the mediator's re-engagement pump. This causes the receptor to atop the brain serotonin that gives a narcotic effect. In contrast to MDMA (ecstasy), mda interacts with a wider range of serotonin receptors, including 5HT-2 receptors responsible for perception management. Based on this, we can say that mda is more psychedelic than MDMA, because the overexcitation of 5HT-2 receptors causes visual distortions (which are mistakenly called hallucinations). It should also be noted that mda is much more neurotoxic than MDMA.

The effect of HMM is highly dependent on the dose. Drug action begins in 30-60 minutes after intake and lasts for 8-12 hours. When taking small doses of mda (less than 80 mg), a stimulating effect is achieved. High doses (more than 150 mg) lead to hallucinogenic effects with distortion of visual, acoustic and tactile sensations. In medium doses (80-150 mg) MDA causes psychotropic effects, manifested in a sense of relaxation, clarification of consciousness, improving mood, the emergence of a desire to communicate with people, facilitating the relationship to yourself and the past. A dose above 500mg is fatal.

mda causes mental habituation of medium strength, in the absence of physical habituation. Excessive and uncontrolled use can cause death.

The signs of using MDA:

Panic reactions, jaw gnashing, elevated body temperature, muscle aches from overexertion and dehydration (which can be fatal). mda is a stimulant, so it increases blood pressure, speeds up heartbeat.

In General, the signs of MDA use are very similar to other amphetamines.

From the history of the MDA:

1910-MDA was first synthesized by German chemists G. Mannich and V. Jacobson, but was forgotten for many years. (Tenamphetamine is one of the first synthetic amphetamines).
In 1939, MDA was first used in animal experiments.
In 1941, human experiments were conducted to determine the possibility of using MDA for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
In the period from 1949 to 1957, more than 500 people took MDA for the study of its action as an anti-depressant.
In 1958, MDA was patented as a cough medicine, and began selling under the trade name"Amphedoxamine".
In the late 60's-early 70's MDA became widespread in drug trafficking and was known as Mellow Drug (pill mellow) or Love Drug (pill love).
After 1973, due to numerous deaths in the United States and Canada, which are associated with the use of mda, its popularity is somewhat reduced.
Today MDA is offered on the black market under the guise of ecstasy tablets, or in a single composition with MDMA. MDA is banned for use and listed in schedule 1 of the UN Convention.

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