The needle therapy

The needle therapy

The needle therapy or acupuncture is also used to relieve somebody from the nicotine addiction. According to this method, the smoking is the acquired habit. It's written in the particular place of the brain. The programming by acupuncture can destroy the smoker's habit. Also the needle therapy relieves the nicotine addiction by having the effect on the special points. The needle therapy stimulate the production of the endogen bioactive materials that are similar to the nicotine influence. 

The supporters of the needle reflexing therapy tells that the positive result of this method is about 90% but before healing it's needed to be without smoking for 4-5 hours. The healing is from 5 to 14 days and depends from the clinic. The doctor (he needs to have the permission to work with this method) will set the needles in your ears during all days that mobilize the reserve abilities of the body to self-relieving, stimulate the energy flow by body's meridians. (The active points for healing of this method are situated in the ears). The effecting to these points by particular way can change the activity of some structures of the brain.

The left-handed persons give the left ear, others give the right. The cost of this procedure is about 50 $. The cost can be higher if the doctor use silver or gold needle that used for the difference of potentials as the doctors said.

The needle therapy helps to relieve not only psychological and physical cigarette addiction but also functions of lungs, smoker's bronchitis, heart's rhythm, headache, nervous system, to increase its ability to stress. 

Not many people know that on the wrist we have the group of acupuncture points that we can effect for 1-2 minutes to stimulate the synthesis of the endogen opiate-like hormones. They call the senses of relaxing, peace and happiness, have the positive influence to the nervous system of the smoker, make easier the unpleasant symptoms of repeal and decrease the desire of smoking.

There are the portative devices for self-effecting to these acupuncture points that are primary used in the Su Jok therapy. 

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