Vaccine against nicotine attraction

Vaccine against nicotine attraction

This method was invented by Swiss and American scientists. A drug, which the scientists of Carolina Institute worked on, was called Niccine. American scientists from Nabi Biopharmaceuticals named their medicine NicVAX. Some other companies work to create vaccines of this kind as well. There are no official results of testing such vaccine yet. Nowadays this method is used only in few clinics, so you will have to find them out first to try this medicine. Still you may already find some offers of nicotine injections in the Internet. The patient gets a single intramuscular injection, consisting of several medicines, permitted in Russian Federation, as they say. The drug doesn’t become addictive and eliminates within several hours. It prevents nicotine addiction and delivers from abstinence syndrome.

The principle of action is the following: the nicotine vaccine teaches the immune system of a human to react to nicotine. Next time when nicotine gets in blood, the organism starts to produce antibodies, which hinder nicotine from reaching a special zone in the brain, responsible for “reward” for smoking. In other words the vaccinated smoker can’t feel any effect from smoking and in the course of time he leaves off smoking. In natural conditions the organism doesn’t produce antibodies against nicotine, therefore the vaccine contains nicotine accompanied by a carrier, which activates immune reaction.

The procedure costs about 1200$.

Contraindications: glaucoma, epilepsy, prostatic adenoma, acute condition of diseases (such as infarction, cerebrovascular accident, ulcer disease).

The effectiveness of method is said to be about 60 percent, according to information taken in clinics during 2 years of supervision.

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