What is vodka

Что такое водка

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage with a characteristic odor, which is a mixture of commonly wine (ethyl) alcohol and water containing a certain amount of the first (from 35% to 70 %). The classic alcohol content of 40%. For manufacturing specific varieties of vodka producers use additives, usually berry or fruktovye, and spices (pepper vodka).

Vodka - traditional Russian drink. Term and trade-name vodka in its modern meaning (purified solution of ethanol in water) for the first time in the USSR was the adoption of GOST of 1936. Before the word vodka, which appeared in the Russian language around the XIV—XV centuries , did not have clearly defined values. The vodka is then usually called the infusion of herbs, roots and berries on hard liquor. Thus, in the history of vodka should distinguish the history of the word vodka (that is, its etymology), the history of modern beverage with this name and production technology.

In Russia around vodka the various mythology is formed. One of the myths relates the appearance of vodka with The name di Mendeleev, on the grounds that his doctoral thesis was called "on the connection of alcohol with water." In fact, D. Mendeleev did not participate in the creation or improvement of vodka. Only some of his works could be indirectly and subsequently used for the production of vodka. In his work ("on the connection of alcohol with water") , Di Mendeleev found that the solution corresponds to the greatest compression with an alcohol concentration of about 46 % (by weight), which means: with this weight ratio of components, the limit reduction in the volume of the mixed liquids (mutual dissolution of water and ethanol in each other reduces the volume of the initially taken ingredients), that is, with the Mendeleev ratio found, the final volume of the solution is minimal. In fact, Mendeleev's work" on the connection of alcohol with water " refers to Metrology

The establishment of the traditional 40% alcohol to water ratio was the result of the work of officials who actually (because of the ease of calculation, due to some increase in incoming excise taxes) rounded established since the beginning of the XIX century vodka fortress called polugar (about 38%). Before the appearance in Russia of spirometra, the fortress water-alcohol mixture was measured by a so-called annealing. If the burnt wine burned out exactly half, this wine was called polugar. Polugar, the fortress which is 38.3 %, and served as the basic regulatory unit of the fortress of vodka. Later, when the fortress was measured by alcohol meters, the Minister of Finance Of the Russian Empire M. H. Reitern proposed to round this figure to 40.

The taste of vodka, or rather, differences of this taste is determined primarily by the type and amount of specific impurities (in addition to ethanol and water) in different types or samples of vodka (also part of the fortress). Claim that impurity is responsible for the main part of taste that is inaccurately defined by words "bitter taste" or "burning taste" at different grades of vodka; it is confirmed by the fact that the grades consisting of cleaner alcohol and water at least are much less bitter (almost "as water"). Thus, to a significant extent, the mild taste of vodka is a criterion for its purity (although there are impurities, one way or another masking bitterness).

Harmful properties of vodka:
- Vodka, contributes to the cold - drink it to warm you through in order to deepen the disease. If death from frostbite or death from destruction of the immune system helps with colds - I was wrong, that vodka is not useful.
- Vodka contributes to a fatigue - because how can you not tired, if you drink and then perform an action.
- Vodka creates a headache and not only physical, as the vessels expand.
- Vodka chasing the unpredictable and intracranial pressure have normal blood pressure meds do not help.
- Vodka exacerbates the bad mood with "I feel something bad", to" I do not want to Live", because it liberates hidden fears, horrors and complexes, and the ones that have long been forgotten. Vodka is the strongest depressant.
- The moderate concept of the use doesn't exist after introduction in Russia of a zero threshold for motorists. Overall, vodka on the digestion and the condition of the body operates like an ordinary poison, ie, the devastating impact.
- Cardiovascular diseases kill people in the first place on the planet. How not to say about the benefits of vodka for this disease?! It's a giant drinking task force.

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