What is whiskey

What is whiskey

Whisky (persistent. whisky or whiskey-the water of life) - a strong fragrant alcoholic beverage, in the manufacture of which the processes of distillation, maturation and long-term aging in oak barrels of Madera, sherry or port. In the manufacture of whiskey can be used barley, rye, wheat, maize, millet, rice. Sometimes smoke is used in production.
The strength of the drink varies from 40 to 50 degrees, although there is a particularly strong whiskey (60 degrees).
The color of the drink is made from light yellow to brown, sugar content — zero or very small.
The taste of whiskey depends on many factors: the quality of water and grain, the specifics of barrels, methods of salting and filtration, the duration of exposure, air temperature, etc.
Extract of whiskey: Scotch standard whiskey undergoes a three-year aging. Malt whisky from aged 5-12 years. But collectible and exclusive whiskey can withstand 21 years. Rare whiskey, aged 30-50 years, cost a lot of money. In Ireland whiskey is kept for about 5 years, but Canadians consider the best for aging whiskey for a period of time – 6 years.

The right to be called the birthplace of whiskey traditionally challenged each other Scotland and Ireland. The history of whiskey production is lost in the mists of time, and these two countries are always arguing who belongs to the palm.
It is important to remember that the word whiskey is not protected geographically. Whiskey can be produced in any country and at the same time legally sold as whiskey in other countries. In the domestic markets are not very developed countries of the word whiskey can be called anything. Let's say the popular whiskey in India made from molasses, cane sugar production waste.

Today, when talking about whiskey, it is usually divided into Scottish, Irish and "the rest" — American, canadian, Japanese.

Whiskey is available in trade under different names. There are call kinds of grain, of which whiskey is made and the grounds proiskhodzheniya:
* Malt-whiskey, which is made from malt (malted barley). Malt whiskey, in turn, can be of several types:
- single malt single malt whisky produced in one distillery; a blend of different years of aging;
- single cask-malt whiskey taken from one barrel. Whiskey of this category is cask strength (cask strength), and occasionally diluted to the standard.
- the quarter cask is made from a single American oak barrels of a smaller size; it is stronger (50 % vol.) and more intense flavor. Matures faster.
- vatted malt (blended malt, pure malt) — a mixture of malt whiskey with a variety of viscosities.
* Grain is called whiskey, which is made from maize, wheat or unsaturated barley (in Europe) or rye (in the United States).
* Rye refers to whiskey, which is mainly made from rye (at least 51 %).
* Bourbon whiskey is called, which is mainly made of corn (not less than 51 %) and is burned at 80% alcohol, and is filled into barrels when it reaches no more than 63%. Bourbon got its name from the eponymous province of Kentucky, where it was first created this drink.
* Tennessee is also an American whiskey happening at least 51% of maize and 20% of rye, wheat or barley. It is filtered by charcoal before cask storage, which makes it very soft. For the preparation of whiskey Tennessee does not need to surpass the cereals in their raw form, as well as excluded the process of Smoking grain over peat.
* Corn is called whiskey, which is made mainly from corn (at least 80 %).
• Blended whisky mixed (blended) whiskey, obtained by (mixing) of malt whiskies and grain whisky. The most popular type of drink, which accounts for more than 90% of production.
* Scotch-is an outdated English form of the adjective "Scottish". Regarding whiskey-a Scotch whiskey, which is produced in Scotland according to tradition and rules. During the preparation, drying grain whiskey with peat furnace melt. Then the drink is aged in oak sherry barrels, which makes the whiskey dry and a little tough – in a word, typically Scottish.

Whiskey consumed in its pure form, diluted with water, add ice, as well as make cocktails. But remember that the use of whiskey, like any other alcoholic beverage in excess can harm your body.

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