What is Williams

What is Williams

Williams was a Swiss alcoholic drink (brandy), distillery varieties yellow pear Williams. The strength of the drink is 45%.on.

Williams drink relatively young. Brandy from yellow pears Williams (Williams) is distilled relatively recently - the last forty years. However, during this time, brandy Williams has found a lot of fans of the drink. The birthplace of this brandy is considered to be Switzerland, where it is known under the name of Willamina.

The drink is produced by double distillation. 8 kg Williams pears gives 0.7 liters of 43% alcohol with a great pear flavor. Aromatic brandy made from pears of the variety Williams can carry the name of Williams, Williams Christ (Williams Christ) or Williamsburg (Williamsbirne). An example of such drinks can serve as a brandy produced in the French province of Alsace. Here from pears Williams produced brandy Pear Williams Reserve (Poire Williams Reserve). Old technology allows you to get a drink with a strong pear aroma. Brandy Williams usually Matures two or three years.

Often in a bottle of brandy of this variety is a whole pear. To get a "pear in the bottle", the bottle is attached to the tree in such a way that the pear grows inside it. After the fruit has ripened, it is removed from the tree with the bottle, after which the remaining space in the bottle is filled with brandy made from the same fruit variety. This complex method of making the drink is used in order to preserve the full fruit bouquet.

Harm Williams: Than the special, that would harm health brandy Williams displaying not can. The degree of danger as all alcoholic beverages in this class. It all depends on the amount of drink at a time, and the frequency of reception. The more you drink, the more damage you do to your health. So it is better to refrain from abuse at all.

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