Quit smoking with the help of biomagnets Zerosmoke

Quit smoking with biomagnets Zerosmoke

The usage of biomagnets Zerosmoke is based on the stimulation of acupuncture points in the outer ear (they are energetically connected with all organs of the body) by magnetic field during 2-4 hours a day. Zerosmoke is an auriculoreflexotherapy at home. (Auriculoreflexotherapy is one of the methods of alternative medicine, which became known from the middle of 50s of the 20th century, thanks to French researcher and neurologist Paul Nogier).

The presence of magnets close to one’s brain produces also light disturbing influence on usual electromagnetic field of the brain. This helps to get rid of dependence either. The magnets stay on the ear due to mutual attraction; they are covered with gold. That means they are chemically inactive and do not hurt the skin. They are pretty big and noticeable: two golden disks 8x1 mm and 5x1 mm in size (there are also biomagnets with white-gold sputtering and two disks equal by size). Women consider them as a very trendy decoration. These are the unquestionable advantages of the method.

Buying the magnets you should realize, there is no guarantee, that this method will be effective for you. There are such things as individual difference in age, the strength of attraction, the condition of health, smoking stage etc. And there is no guarantee, that you place the magnets in the right point. The mistake sized several parts of millimeter may influence another active point, so there is a certain probability you don’t quit smoking, but cure your stomach for example, or grow bald. You are not recommended to stimulate the point for too long, the sessions must have certain duration, otherwise the risk of wrong arrangement increases each time you put on the magnets.

By wearing the magnets can be displaced – they are rather weak and stay on the thick auricle worse, than on the thin one. The presence of magnet on your ear demonstrates your status of a one, who gives up smoking, to the people around. But not everybody will agree with such interference in his private life. And not everyone wants to make the condition of his health belong to the masses. Showing of the magnets can be useful, if your chief wants you to stop smoking, or he discharges you.

Decoration on an imposing man’s ear looks unusual and may cause questions. Therefore the needed 4 hours of wearing magnets are possible only at home, while you relax, but not while you are sleeping (as the magnets can be replaced while you are sleeping). They are not recommended for pregnant and patients with hearing aid and other electric devices like defibrillators, pacemakers, implanted insulin pumps. These are the disadvantages of the method.

Important, that this good is on sales peak, and that means a lot of advertisement and falsified favorable reports on the market. You should take them critically, because there is no objective information and statistics on the product yet. To stop smoking is far more difficult, than to begin it, especially if you are smoking for a long period of time, and nicotine has thoroughly built in your metabolism. Every organism has its own physiological peculiarities. Therefore any remedy can be helpful for one smoker, and absolutely helpless for another one.

The strength of power is also of great importance here. The single wish for leaving off smoking is not enough; besides the person will have to patiently overcome withdrawal pains (tobacco causes drug addiction). Therefore any medicine, including biomagnets Zerosmoke, can’t be treated as miracle cure with 100 percent effectiveness for everyone. On the other hand the principle of action of such method is quite evident (the effect of stimulating acupuncture points is proved by thousand-year-history of Chinese medicine), and the magnet can stimulate the acupuncture point and get the response. Thus they helped many smokers to achieve the desirable effect. The effectiveness of the method depends on individual sensitivity and the accuracy of magnets arrangement.

Manual use of biomagnets Zerosmoke

Use Zerosmoke for 2-4 hours a day. Many wear magnets 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon, or before going to sleep. There are two magnets of different size: the smaller is to be placed on the front of the ear, the bigger one – on the backside of the ear. Due to their mutual attraction the magnets will be tightly held on the ear. Before the usage of Zerosmoke you need to wash and dry your hands. Stay in front of the mirror (if you do it under the wash basin – close the drain not to lose the magnet), place the magnet on your right ear in the zone Oreo, as it is shown on the drawing. Notice! If you are a left-handed person, the magnets should be placed on the left ear. If you get to sensitive point and feel pain, the location of magnets should be slightly changed in the limits of active zone - to decrease the feeling of discomfort. Or you can remove them to pointed alternative zones or place on the other ear. You can also take the magnets off for a few hours and put them on later.

When you want to smoke or feel uneasiness, hunger, depression etc and don’t have the magnets on your ear that time, you can slightly press or massage the active auricular zone for 30-60 seconds.

Wear the magnets Zerosmoke during 6-7 days. This time you may continue smoking as usual, or reduce the number of cigarettes, or leave off smoking at all. If you preferred to smoke during the usage of magnets, you need to quit smoking at the end of the 7th day, but continue using Zerosmoke. The producers of Zerosmoke state, that after four weeks of regular usage you won’t need magnets anymore.

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